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Why You Should Surprise Your Pet Each Month!

It’s scientifically proven that our pups make us happier people, so shouldn’t we make them happier pups? To do just that we launched Surprise Your Pet so each month your pooch can enjoy a selection of treats and toys. Every month we include different tasty snacks and fun playthings so your dog can have a blast when the box arrives.

Why We’re Different

We wanted to make the monthly box fun for parent and pet, so each month we include a theme and dog costume. And don’t worry, we have costumes that fit the 50+ pound crowd too, so you don’t have to hunt around at pet shops to find cute stuff for your big guy or girl to wear. We wanted to change around the typical treat box to make each month new and unique — and give you new doggie dress up clothes for you and your pup to enjoy.

Why Our Treats are Great

Each month our pet experts hand-pick the best treats for dogs. None of our treats come from China; all edible treats come from the US or Canada. We care about your pup’s health just as much as you do, so we pick treats that taste good and are good for your pup as well. We’re constantly sent new products and offers, so we sort through the good and the bad for you and only send the best to your home.

Why Our Toys are Awesome

We know some of you have big 90-pound pups, so our toys are meant to last. We understand what it’s like when you give your dog a new “chew toy” only to have it last 30 minutes and end up all over the house, so that’s why we split our boxes by size. We want to make sure that your little baby isn’t overwhelmed by an undesirably big toy and that the big dogs actually have something to play with. We know what it’s like having to go from store to store trying to find something that your pet likes, so we wrapped it all up in a monthly box to save you time and effort.

It’s Time to Join the Pawty

Ready to try it? We’re giving $25 off yearly subscription plans so sign up now. Also, we offer a paw-for-paw exchange, so if your pup doesn’t like one of the toys, we’ll exchange it for something else he or she really enjoys. Click here to get started and use the “WELCOME” promo code to get 10% off your first box!

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