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Two Brave Puppies Survive Against The Odds

Last week, Lon Benner discovered a trash bag with a Pitbull and her eleven puppies. While the majority of the puppies and the beautiful mother did not survive, two brave souls survived these conditions against the odds.

Police offers are calling for help from the community to help apprehend the criminals who hurt this family of pups, and bring them to justice.

Benner was out for a walk when he found the pups and the dog double bagged in clear trash bags. He immediately called animal control for assistance.


Source: Life With Dogs
Source: Life With Dogs


“I heard a very high pitch squeak. I froze I looked at the officer and I said, ‘did you hear that?’” Animal Control Officer Kate Madden told Fox News. “I just ripped the bag open and just stared at this pile of puppies.”

The ordeal could have been avoided entirely if the dogs had been handed into a shelter, instead of being abandoned. Authorities hope to catch the criminals who did this.

Meanwhile, the brave surviving pups are being cared for and will hopefully be adopted into new, loving homes where they are nurtured and loved.

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