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Tips For Insect and Bee Stings

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


With summer in full bloom dogs and owners alike are having the time of their lives; BBQ’s, paddling pools and cold beers (for us not dogs) and great weather to enjoy for all. However the summer brings with it some troubles, namely creepy crawly insects and other flying pests.

As we all know dogs tend to explore things with their mouths and a lot of the time the things they explore are not good for them, whether it’s the low hanging chocolate or the exposed electric cables, we have to do our best to look after them.

One thing that seems unavoidable however is insects stinging them and your dog chewing some bees. It can be a scary moment but don’t freak out, here’s what you can do:

Slice a raw onion and apply to the sting as soon as possible.
Keep Antihistamine capsules handy in your first aid kit because if the sting is in the mouth you’re going to need it. A rapid administration soon after the sting can prevent serious complications.


Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur



You can also get antihistamine in liquid form which makes it easier to dispense. To administer liquids pull out the jowl near the back teeth it makes a sort of little cup, then just pour the measured liquid in, close mouth, tip head back and massage throat.

Some dogs will actually swallow the insect live, which may continue stinging the dog internally and cause anaphylactic shock. So make sure your quick to apply the medicine needed!

Dosage will vary depending on the size of the animal so be sure to check with your vet for recommended dosage.

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