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Tips For Dealing With An Overweight Dog

If your dog is looking a little tubby and you become concerned about their health, it can be something that worries you and stays at the back of your mind – and rightly so. To get your dog back on track, you’ll need to pay far more attention to their eating and exercising routines on a daily basis.

To get started, take your dog to the vet and find out what they have to say. They’ll be able to best guide you based on you and your pet’s needs, and will be able to investigate whether their weight gain is caused by some underlying physical problem.

Some simple ways to make changes include changing your treats. We all love the glee in our dog’s eyes and tails when they receive a treat for good behaviour, but sometimes we can go overboard. Change your treats to something healthy and nutritious – like carrots – so you can treat your dog guilt-free and cut down on their naughty food intake.

Increase the amount of exercise your dog takes – and this doesn’t necessarily mean spending more time walking, though it would definitely help. If you’re strapped for time but want to get your dog fit again, you can even have him exercise around the house. Instead of slouching together on the couch to watch TV, roll a small ball back and forth and have him go collect it and bring it back to you, for as long as you’d like. These small changes will bring you closer together – they will love the attention – and will also get your dog moving more.

There you have it – two simple, immediate changes you can make to take control of your dog’s health. Good luck!

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