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Tips For A Peaceful (ish) July 4th For Your Dog

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


The 4th of July is a time for excitement and joy but as a responsible pet owner you have to spare a thought for your puppy. Dogs have very acute hearing and the sound of very loud fireworks tends to freak em out, so here are a 3 quick go-to tips to ease your dog through the night.

1. Don’t take your dog to a fireworks display.

We enjoy fireworks, yes but like I said, for a dog it’s pure hell so avoid taking your dog along to any displays.

2. Leave you pet at home. 

Dogs will become destructive when left alone to the noise of loud fireworks, so when you go out to enjoy the fireworks, put your dog in most protected part of your home away from things hazardous to them if they nervously chew it.

3. Don’t leave him outside. 

When your dog hears a very loud sound his instinct will be to escape or run away from the noise, if your dog is left outside he will try to hop the fence and escape, so don’t leave him outside and definitely don’t chain your dog up instead!


Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


Look after your dog and have a happy July 4th!

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