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The Power Of A Picture

Source: Life With Dogs
Source: Life With Dogs


It seems that in this day and age there is no tool as powerful than that of social media. If not for things like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a lot of dogs would be without homes or worse. The same goes for the cute couple above.

Thanks to Facebook and the thousands of kindhearted people who shared the image of two scared dogs hugging behind shelter cage bars, the dogs who were hours away from being put down, were saved.

Kala and Keira found themselves out of time inside a Georgia shelter. Luckily volunteers manged to capture a picture that encapsulated all dogs in that situation as well as the brotherhood and loyalty dogs are known for.

The heart wrenching/warming image of the two mixed breed dogs hugging just hours away from their death sentence captured the attention of social media users.

The image was posted on Facebook along wit a touching story to see if the dogs would find someone who would want to save them, and just two hours and six minutes later, the two dogs were saved.

Well done to all who shared it and saved those two beautiful dogs!

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