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Don’t Let Your Dog Suffer, Must Read!

All dogs shed, that’s a fact, and in most cases it’s completely natural and sometimes even a necessity. However with a large percentage of dogs shedding can go to extreme lengths, and with certain breeds that have double coats, such as the German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, it can have some disastrous effects, here’s a few tips to dealing with it.


What’s the fuss Houston?

A lot of owners tend to ignore hair loss in dogs which is understandable but even if your dog isn’t shedding too much, it needs to be dealt with.


Shedding can cause a number of illnesses and skin irritations, especially in hot climates such as Houston, TX, which can cause blistering of the skin. This tends to stress your dog out and when your dog is overcome with anxiety they tend to wreak havoc in the household with loud barking and tearing through your home, making a mess.


Sad dog (Blog)



Excessive shedding can be caused by any allergies your dog may have, so be sure to take your dog to the vet to see if they’re allergic to anything.


Even if your dog is not allergic to anything, be wary, as  dirt and dust can cause allergies, and a dirty surrounding is another big cause of dog shedding.


If your home is not cleaned regularly the dirt that lingers in the air can cause massive skin irritation which in turn causes stress, which in turn makes your dog shed even more.

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So a clean household equals a healthy and happy dog! Studies show that a dog can bring highly aggressive pathogens in your home that are dangerous to your dog as well yourself. We strongly recommend getting your house professionally cleaned if you own a dog. Not only can it harm the health of your dog, but it can harm you too.

Even if you clean regularly yourself, getting someone to crawl over every nook and cranny will result in harmful fibers disappearing along with the likelihood of stress and allergies in you, and your pet.



Pay attention Houston!

Watching and learning from your dog’s body is the best advice there is. Dog’s can’t communicate like we can but their body/body language can tell you all you need to know.

German Shepherds and other two coat dogs shed naturally both in summer and winter but don’t take it for granted, the moment you notice it act fast. The effect it will have on you, your home and your pet can cause major problems, so deal with it!

Dog and Cleaner

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