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Proven Advice That Will Help You With Your Dog

Dog ownership is a tradition stretching back hundreds of generations. Clearly, people and dogs are a good match when it comes to happy companionship. If you get a dog, it is your responsibility to make sure it is properly taken care of. Here you will find some advice that should guide you if you wish to have a healthy dog.

Consider the situation before allowing a dog to kiss your face. Kissing a dog might seem cute, but they have dirty mouths. Dogs love to dig in garbage, get into the toilet, and then they lick their butts, yuck! Some believe the mouth of a dog is even cleaner than our own. It’s not true.

When vacationing with your dog, use the camera on your phone to snap a quick picture. Therefore, if your animals get lost, there is a recent photo that can be used for the purpose of locating them.

Don’t give in to the urge to feed your dog food meant for humans. Feeding a dog from the table only reinforces begging. The dog will also be less likely to eat its normal food. In fact, a steady supply of scraps may encourage your dog to gain unhealthy amounts of weight and set off serious digestive problems. Resist the temptation and only give dog food to your pup.

Talk to your vet to learn which foods are appropriate for your particular dog. Keep in mind that a young puppy’s stomach is not ready for certain foods. Err on the side of caution when feeding food to your dog.

Always give your dog lots of praise and hugs when it does something right. Make your dog understand you are pleased with the behavior and expect to see it again. Your dog will quickly understand that the praise is connected to a certain action.

Don’t force anything into a dog. If your dog doesn’t like a particular treat, don’t make him eat it. Not all dogs like the same things.

A daily brush does a lot more than just prevent shedding. Daily brushing can help them acquire a beautiful, shiny coat. When you brush fur, you’re also spreading around the oils that help keep your pet’s coat looking shiny and healthy.

Become acquainted with dog food labels and avoid buying based solely on cost. Your dog will be healthier and happier if you feed it the highest quality food. Quality brands are more expensive but they will significantly increase the life expectancy of your dog.

Health Issues

Certain dog breeds are prone to specific health issues, so be aware of what is typical for your dog’s breed. You should do some research on the dog breeds you are interested in to learn more about the health issues they are likely to develop. You can also speak with the vet about steps you can take to increase their lifespan.

In the case your dog has separation anxiety, leave music or the television on when you leave your house. That helps the dog feel like someone is around. It can help his anxiety as he waits for your return.

Show your dog that you love him. Similar to other areas of life, dog owners notice a dog’s bad behavior rather than the good. This causes problems with dog behavior. Remember to praise and be affectionate with your dog more frequently than you discipline him. Your dog will do its best to please you.

ID your pet. One thing a lot of people do to be sure they get their dog back is they fit them with a collar that’s breakaway and has an ID tag. On the tag, make sure to include your pet’s name and your phone number. It is also possible to get your dog micro-chipped.

Don’t let too many people train your dog. Having multiple people train your dog will only confuse him. Designate one person to be in charge of training and have others reinforce everything the dog learns by adhering to the same rules and respecting the process.

Clean up completely if your dog uses the bathroom on your floor. Use a cleaner with professional strength, followed by any odor remover. If you still smell dog waste, the dog could be emptied to return to the scene of the crime and repeat the actions.

During hot weather, check your dog for fleas and ticks daily. A flea comb can help you remove fleas that you see. You should invest in some quality products designed to kills fleas and ticks. Speak with your vet concerning these products and other options.

Do you go on many vacations? Are you home infrequently? Should you really get a dog? You may want to get a dog, but there are lots of hard responsibilities that are involved in being a great dog owner.

When you start training your dog, experiment with different rewards systems. You will quickly notice that some rewards are more appreciated than others. Pieces of sausage or tasty dog treats will work for a dog that is motivated by food. If you have a dog that likes toys, let the dog play tug of war after doing what it was told. Some dogs will consider petting as a reward.

Make sure you and your dog are prepared for hot summer weather. It is easy for dogs to overheat. Make sure your dog has a cool and shaded area during the summer. Also, be sure your dog has clean, cold water. Also, dogs can suffer from the effects of the sun, so see if the vet recommends sunscreen.

Your responsibility is to care for your dog and meet its needs. It is a simple task once you know what needs to be done, and this article will help you with that. Just use the things you’ve learned here on a daily basis and you will have a happier pet.

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