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This Man Walked For Two Days To Save His Dogs Life

Source: Life With Dogs


Choco, a 3½-year-old greyhound/bull arab mix dog was sadly attacked by a crocodile in Cape Yok, Australia. For most dogs this would be the end of the road, but not if your owner is Wayne Best who carried the large dog in his arms for two days until he found veterinarian.

Best is a pig hunter who lives a life his occupation can afford, which means he doesn’t have luxuries others do such as a car. On the day of the incident, Choco was working with him and chased a pig too close to the edge of the water. Which is when a crocodile attacked the dog, and left him severely injured.

With no car or other modes of transportation, Best made gut-call and decided he had to do all he could to save his best friend, and decided to pick Choco up, and find him a vet, this took two days!

When he found the vet they overwhelmed with his amazing story and done all the could, and now Choco is fighting fit. He is expected to make a full recovery as long as he rests and lets his leg heal.

Now that’s what I call a dedicated owner!

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