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Dog Trapped in Glue Trap Saved by Peanut Butter

Source: Life With Dogs
Source: Life With Dogs


Yes, you did just read that headline correctly! A 4-pound Chihuahua/Yorkie mix from Phoenix, Arizona, named Abby, needed the help of Emergency Animal Medical Technicians to get out of one sticky situation. Thanks to the genius of the EAMTs and a jar of peanut butter, the tiny little pup was rescued.

The poor pet was found with her front legs and face glued down to a glue board trap, commonly used to capture mice and rats. Scared, the dog tried to free herself by chewing away at the trap, only making things worse. The glue became logged in her nose, making it hard for her to breath.

Luckily EAMT Andy Gallo responded to the emergency call and knew he couldn’t just try to pull Abby off the trap. He knew simply pulling her off could cause even more damage. So with the help of a peanut jar, he lathered the dog and slowly pulled her off the trap; genius!



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