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When someone asks who is man’s best friend the answer that is always on the tip of the tongue is the dog. The truth is that the dog is an animal that has a lot of loyalty and companionship to its owner. If you want your dog to be healthier and can accompany you for long periods away from home, there is a solution.

The tip is to take your four-legged friend to run with you, in the same way that humans get several benefits from running your dog can also have improved fitness. Your pet friend can have better quality of life, strengthen muscles, stress relief, longevity and the lake of friendship with you much narrower.

Taking the dog on the run and having him by your side is always an interesting way to do your training with much more joy. But, remember that it is necessary to take some care so that the dog does not get hurt and has fun in this activity. The following are some tips on how to train running with your dog.

Some Tips for Safe Running with Your Dog

Consult the Veterinarian

Before running aimlessly running alongside your friend, it is important to consult a veterinarian to find out whether or not your dog is fit for running. Some dogs may have cardiovascular or orthopedic restrictions that prevent them from running. Don’t risk your dog’s health!

Nothing Hard

When you run out, put on your wonderful shock-absorbing sneakers, don’t you think? Remember that your dog does not wear sneakers and therefore avoid hard terrain. The tip for not hurting your dog’s paws while running is to choose to practice physical activity on terrain such as dirt, grass or sand.

The Leash

The collar is also an important point for anyone thinking about running with their dog. The tip is to choose the fixed collars, those that have a support on the body, those of the type hanger. This helps prevent trauma to your dog’s cervical spine (neck).

The Running Amount

Dogs do not have the same resistance as humans, so it is necessary to measure the amount of running. The tip is to gradually increase the running time, but always with reduced speed.

Matter of Race

Some dog breeds withstand the physical effort required by running better than others. In general the dogs that support more physical effort are hyperactive ones like the German Shepherd, Beagles, Akita, Labrador, Border Collie and Golden Retriever.

Take Care of Food

Before physical activity it is important to feed your dog, remember that fasting training does not yield and does not bring any results to your friend. Consult a veterinarian to find out what is the best food for your dog before the race.

Start Walking

At the beginning, the owner should print an accelerated walking pace to practice and not start running. As time goes on increase the pace, increase the running time and reduce the walking time.

Good Physical Conditions

The activity for dogs that are in good physical condition can start with a walk that lasts between 4 and 6 minutes. This is important to stimulate the animal’s body heating. Then start the run itself, finish by resuming the walk for the same time as the warm-up.

Total time

Experts in the field indicate that the total training time can reach 30 minutes with your dog. Do not exceed this limit, as remember that your dog will not be able to say that he is not well. The goal is to have his company and make him healthier.

Pit Stop

Taking breaks for hydration is essential, so always bring water to your friend and take a break. It will be good for you too!

Muzzle For The Grandinhos

If your dog is large you should use the muzzle. Watch your dog’s breathing and perspiration, as the muzzle can make it a little difficult. Pay attention to that detail throughout the race.

The age

Age is a limiting factor for the physical effort that the dog can make, so training time should be reduced over time. Watch your friend to see when the stamina runs out.

Running Side by Side

A detail that almost no owner is aware of is that the race must happen at the same pace, that is, owner and dog must be running at the same speed. Run to see if your dog is “squeaking” or “squeaking”. Both situations are wrong.

In the first case, reduce the speed so that your friend can accompany you. In the second case, it is necessary to think about a training for your friend.

The Dressage

If you notice that the training is not working because the dog does not respect you or even because it does not know if it is necessary to consider dressage training before starting to go running with it. Currently, there are many trainers that help you have a closer relationship with your four-legged friend.

The most important thing is that your dog understands that the training moment is a moment in which he must obey and mainly follow his rhythm. If the dog stays on a leash, he follows his pace and behaves well, the training flows much more.

The Pleasure of Running

For humans, running can be seen as a pleasure, but also a way to keep the body up to date. However, for dogs running should be just a pleasure, as they have no aesthetic concerns like us.

So if your dog gets excited when he sees you wearing running shoes, it is a sign that he likes the activity. But, if you notice that your friend doesn’t like this moment at all try to start another activity with him.


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