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Dog Biting Prevention Tips

Dog biting and nipping is one of the most common, and hard to deal with, behavioral challenges dog owners face. Often when this does not stop owners tend to send their dogs to shelters and give up.This is unnecessary and should be the absolute last resort. Here are three tips you can do to stop that happening.


Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur


#1 – Dominance 

Dogs are social animals and they communicate through their mouths. Dogs bite in order to establish leadership so it is up to you to show your dog you are leader of the pack. You have to show your dog that you are the boss very early to stop dominance-based biting. Unfortunately, if this does not happen he will use his teeth too forcefully on a human to communicate. Which we do not want!


#2 – Fear 

Fear biting is usually directed toward strangers. However, they can also feel threatened by family members. Dogs also bite when they feel their personal space is under threat. It is your job as the owner to recognize when your dog feels threatened or is playing. This comes with paying attention to your dog and knowing when you should give him space.


# 3- Pain

Extreme physical discomfort can cause your to lash out at you. When your dog is in pain the key is to talk in a soothing tone and approach slowly.

The tips above can help you a lot but be sure to visit your vet if biting persists and get all the available advice, help and literature you can before you consider giving up on your pet.


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