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Dog 101: How To Take Better Care Of Your Dog

It takes more than feeding and petting to care for a dog. Make sure that you give your dog a lot of love. Do you need ideas to help you care for your pet? The following information will teach you what you need to know to properly care for your dog.

It is fine to hug your dog, but avoid those wet kisses. A dog has a very filthy mouth. Dogs rummage through trash, drink toilet water and lick other dog’s body parts. Your dog’s mouth is not really any cleaner than a human’s mouth. It is not necessarily true.

Be sure your dog is neutered or spayed. Your pet stands to enjoy a significantly better (and longer) life. It’s been verified through research that this simple procedure reduces cancer risks and provides other benefits, too. Furthermore, altered dogs do not have the tendency to wander off, so they will stay safer.

If you decide to take your dog with you on a trip, take a photo of him on your phone. Therefore, if your animals get lost, there is a recent photo that can be used for the purpose of locating them.

Talk to your vet about what foods are best for your dog. Puppies may lack the development needed to tolerate certain kinds of food without getting sick. You should be careful when you are feeding your dog.

Avoid buying your dog bargain-based food. The brands that are cheaper have preservatives, additives, as well as other things that aren’t good for your dog. Get a list from an animal advocacy or consumer awareness group of the highest recommended foods to give your dog. Your dog will get good benefits from the right kind of food.

If you choose to adopt a pet, take him or her to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Shelter dogs have numerous opportunities to be exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses; these can result in dangerous illnesses. That is why it’s important to have a full checkup and a course of vaccinations before you bring your puppy home.

If your vet has given you medication or special instructions for your dog, make sure that you follow them. The dog may not be fond of the treatment or medication, but it’s for its health. Your veterinarian only has your dog’s best interests at heart, and if you don’t listen, you may inadvertently cause your dog harm.

If you have one dog that seems lonely or is by himself often, consider another dog. Dogs are known to be pack animals and enjoy the company of other dogs. Find another dog that has the same energy levels and temperament and you’ll be sure to find something your dog will love!

Be cautious with your female dog if she’s in heat. If you don’t, she may become pregnant. Male dogs from as far as 5 miles away may pick up the scent. She could also cause fighting among other dogs, along with becoming pregnant with an unwanted litter of unknown origin.

Any dog accident in your home should be cleaned up immediately. Utilize professional grade cleaners and odor removers as well. If any scent remains from this accident, you may find that your dog relieves itself in the same place numerous times.

When the weather outdoors become hotter, you need to search for ticks and fleas on your dog each day. You can also use a comb to expel any fleas. If the infestation is bad, there are treatments available. Talk to your veterinarian about such products or any other options that are available.

When choosing to introduce a new pooch to a home that already has one, it is best that you bring your current dog along to meet him. Dogs are social creatures, but it’s true that some dogs are more friendlier than others. If you find one that gets along with your current one, you’ll save yourself a lifetime of headaches.

Always think carefully before you bring dog into your home and life. While those cute puppy faces can be hard to resist, it is important to remember that adopting a dog is a serious commitment. After you have thoroughly contemplated all of the pluses and minuses of having a new dog in your life, you can make an informed decision.

You must keep a close eye on what and how much your dog eats. As a puppy, it is okay for them to eat foods filled with calories, as they need it for their growth. But, adults dogs who eat these foods tend to gain weight, leading to health issues.

When it is hot outside, do everything necessary to keep your dog safe. It is easy for a dog to become overheated, and this can cause health problems. Be sure your dog can cool off in the shade during the summertime. Clean water will also be extra important during these months. Also, your dog might not like the sun’s rays, so ask the vet if you can get some sunscreen for your dog.

You need to regular clean your canine’s water and food dishes. You wouldn’t want to always eat from the same dirty plate, so why should you expect your dog to? Food bowls should be cleaned on a daily basis and fresh drinking water provided.

When you buy a puppy, socialize him with dogs as much as possible. You can do this at the groomer, a dog park, or on a group walk.

Your puppy looks cute nibbling your slippers, but when he’s full grown, it will not be cute to have him shred them into millions of pieces. Therefore, you need to take action and eliminate this bad habit immediately. When a puppy does something that they should not do, stop them right away. That saves you trouble as time goes on.

Mastering dog care starts with education. Treating your dog with love and care is what you have to do. If you were in his position, wouldn’t you like your owner to invest time into learning about you?

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