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Clever Canine Can Solve Mathematical Problems

Source: Mirror
Source: Mirror


A dog has been dubbed ‘smarter than a toddler’ after his owner, Kristy Forrester, noticed her two-year-old Shih Tzu could recognize shapes, sort colors and even count.

Kirsty noticed her dog, Cooper’s natural ability for learning new skills after she taught him to stick his tongue out on command at just three months old.

She was not the only one who noticed. After taking Cooper to a dog training school the staff were so impressed they gave him “extra homework”, and the work has paid off.

Now, Cooper has been signed up to a talent agency where he amazes people with his ability to solve simple mathematical problems. His skill levels have been estimated as being equivalent to an 18-month-old human child.

As well as being able to count treats and recognize numbers, Miss Forrester has trained her dog to perform tasks such as sorting toys by color and shape with his mouth.

Take a look at Cooper in action:

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