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Budget-Friendly Housekeeping Advice for Dog Owners

Dogs give us the best of themselves with their faithful friendship, loving companionship, and hilarious antics. They also bring a few housekeeping challenges, but with some smart strategies, staying tidy can be easy on you in terms of time, money, and energy. Here’s how to keep your (and your pooch’s) home squeaky clean without straining your resources.  

Stock Up on Supplies

Piddles, upset tums, torn up toys, and muddy paws are bound to happen now and then. Regardless of how well-trained your pup is, enthusiastic play, illness, or an ill-chosen skunk-related adventure can occur. By keeping supplies close at hand, you can address messes quickly, helping to avoid stains and odors lingering in your home.

When it comes to doggie byproducts, such as dander, drool, urine, and feces, make sure you have an enzymatic cleaner in your cleaning kit, along with your other routine supplies like sponges, mops, rubber gloves, and towels. An enzyme-based cleaner breaks down the mess at the deepest level, helping to eliminate stains and odors. Always check into offers online and cashback opportunities, as well as use special offers such as Amazon promo codes, to save money on supplies so you’ll be ready to go when incidents occur.  

Handle the Hair

Most dogs shed significantly at least a couple times a year, and some turn loose of substantial amounts of fur all year round. Whether your pooch is a heavy shedder or not can depend on a few lifestyle concerns, such as feeding a nutritious diet and routine grooming, but genetics can also play a part. Some breeds simply are bound to shed, and keeping up with fur can become a hairy situation. Thankfully, there are some terrific tidying options available for dog owners. For instance, Dyson makes some particularly powerful vacuums for pet hair. They offer everything from cordless versions, to a filterless model, to various handy attachments and cleaning tools.  

Cuddling Companions

Does your dog share space with you, including the furniture? While snuggling up with your buddy is a wonderful way to bond, it can mean damage to furniture from toenails, drool, dander, hair, and the occasional accident. This Old House points out you can avoid a lot of trouble by selecting pet-friendly fabrics. Leather, treated fabrics, and indoor/outdoor options tend to be the most accommodating for our furry friends. Putting a cover on any furniture your pooch lounges on can also make a big difference. Not only can you avoid wear and tear, but you can also throw the cover in the wash as warranted. Check out Chewy for deals on furniture covers to will protect your furniture while giving your pooch a comfortable place to snooze.

Fido’s Room

Even if your pooch pretty much follows you everywhere, dogs normally like having a place of their own. As American Humane explains, dogs have a natural instinct to use a den-like space for their comfort. Think of it as your dog’s own bedroom! Many dog owners go with a dog crate, and you can take advantage of that natural instinct to help with training your pooch to use it. This will help alleviate concerns that your dog will hurt himself while you’re out, and it is a place for him to go during storms, when home repairs are being made, or any other time he needs a secure spot out of harm’s way. It’s also helpful if your dog isn’t allowed on furniture and keeps your dog’s odors and messes more contained, alleviating the places you need to tend frequently. Walmart offers crate selections to meet every dog owner’s needs. You can take advantage of their low prices and look for options which offer free shipping or pickup.

While our furry family members are well worth it, they do change your housekeeping duties. With a few clever strategies, you can keep messes to a minimum. Make sure you take advantage of the great deals available so you’ll have more money to spend on your pooch!

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