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10 Animals for apartment

Every day, the number of people who decide to live in apartments grows, especially in large and medium-sized cities. Among other consequences for daily life, this makes more and more people interested in knowing which are the best animals for apartments .

After all, it’s hard to resist the idea of ​​having a partner who brings joy to your home, isn’t it? However, it is important to consider several aspects before adopting a pet for an apartment in order to provide a happy and healthy life for the pet. There is no doubt that the space and time that each species requires are key factors when choosing the pet that best suits your lifestyle.

If you live or are about to move into an apartment and want to adopt a best friend, continue reading this new article by PeritoAnimal to find out which are the 10 best pets for an apartment and to know some tips for choosing the ideal pet for your home.

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Pets that don’t work: do they exist?

In fact, there are no animals that do not work! All pets require some care to preserve good health and enjoy a great quality of life. When someone decides to adopt a pet, they must be responsible for providing the ideal conditions that favor physical and cognitive development.

Of course, there are animals that need more space or require more time on the part of their guardians. A large dog that has a long and abundant coat will generally need to live in a larger space and will need a more labor-intensive care routine than a hamster, for example. However, this small rodent will also need to receive some basic care to remain healthy and happy, and this will take some time and dedication from its caregivers.

That is why, before creating a pet in an apartment, we recommend you to know more about the species and research the conditions and care that will be essential in everyday life.

Pets for apartment: how to choose

Generally, small animals the usually more suitable for living in apartments , as they are easier to care for and adapt more easily to a reduced environment. However, there are other factors that you will also need to consider when choosing the best apartment animals.

For example, what kind of companion are you looking for? A friend of unconditional loyalty or a more independent companion? Think about your personality and the type of animal that could best adapt to it. What degree of interaction do you intend to maintain with your pet? Are you looking for a friend you can take for a walk, to play every day or prefer a more peaceful animal that requires less dedication of time and effort? Remember that some pets, like fish, will not be able to interact as directly or be as communicative as others due to the inherent limitations of the species.

Also, remember to consider the approximate life expectancy of each species. There are many pets that live a lot, such as turtles, dogs, cats and chinchillas. However, some pets have a much less privileged longevity, such as hamsters, which usually live only 2 to 4 years.

Pets to have in an apartment: the 10 best

To help you in this process of conscious choice, we will make a brief list of the best animals for small apartments that can easily adapt to living in small spaces. Check out our selection of 10 animals to have in an apartment below:

  • Cat
  • Hamster
  • Bunny
  • Turtle
  • Ferret
  • Guinea pig
  • Chinchilla
  • Small lizard
  • Bird
  • Dog

Keep reading to learn more about each one!

Animals for apartment: cat

Cats are one of the best pets for apartments thanks to the more independent nature and the ease of adaptation in small environments. And as each cat has its own personality , you can adopt a cat that matches your lifestyle, in addition to educating it to respect the rules of your home.

But remember that, despite the more independent nature, cats also need to receive some basic care to have a healthy life, in addition to having the care and dedication of their guardians. Here at PeritoAnimal, we tell you how to prepare your home for the arrival of your first cat .

10 animals for apartment - Animals for apartment: cat

Animals for apartment: hamster

Hamsters are also one of the best animals for apartments, both for their small size and for the simple care they require daily. However, it will be indispensable to prepare and enrich your hamster’s cage, as well as maintain optimum hygiene inside it and in the surroundings to prevent your companion from developing any of the common diseases in hamsters .

Also, consider that a hamster ‘s life expectancy is estimated to be between 2 and 4 years, depending on the breed. Therefore, they are not a good option for those looking for a pet that lives long.

10 animals for apartment - Animals for apartment: hamster

Animals for apartment: rabbit

Rabbits can also be great apartment animals, but you should choose a breed of rabbit suitable for the space available in your home. The toy rabbits or dwarfs can be a great option for those who live in small apartment.


However, ideally, your rabbit should be able to leave the cage at least twice a day and have a safe environment in which to move freely and explore its environment. In addition, we propose you to know the fundamental care for rabbits that will help you to provide a great quality of life to your companion.

10 animals for apartment - Animals for apartment: rabbit

Animals for apartment: turtle

Due to the quiet behavior, turtles can also be great pets for apartments, but again, it will be essential to choose a species suitable for the space and time you intend to dedicate to your new companion. First of all, research the size that a turtle can take in adulthood, as some species can measure up to 20 times more when they are adults than during their first months of life.

Also remember that there are water and land turtles , and some species maintain semi-aquatic habits, alternating their environment between water and land. If you choose an aquatic turtle, for example, you will need to properly prepare the aquarium where your pet will spend almost his entire life. Land turtles will need other specific care, in addition to a balanced diet to strengthen their immune system.

10 animals for apartment - Animals for apartment: turtle

Animals for apartment: ferret

Without a doubt, the ferret is one of the best animals for apartments and has been gaining more and more popularity in Brazilian homes. In addition to looking adorable, ferrets are also full of energy and can be loving animals when they live in a positive environment.

However, you need to offer a good environmental enrichment for your ferret so that he can exercise and have fun at will. Remember that physical activity will be essential for your ferret to maintain a healthy weight and balanced behavior. Check out the best advice for breeding an apartment ferret in this article by PeritoAnimal.

10 animals for apartment - Animals for apartment: ferret

Apartment animals: guinea pig

Guinea pigs are one of the best animals for apartments, as they show a friendly, affectionate and quite peaceful temperament . In addition, they are small animals that require relatively simple care to preserve good health.

However, you should provide your guinea pig with appropriate food , in addition to enriching the cage and providing a peaceful environment where it can express itself freely and fully develop its physical, cognitive and emotional abilities. With due care , your guinea pig will become an extraordinary companion that will bring a lot of affection to your family.


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